Fair Winds

Fair Seas

Almost 3 x 4 inches, hand embroidery on hand-painted silk, depicting somewhere off the coast of British Columbia.  The blue haze on the horizon is land in the distance.

Where would you rather be, the boat or the cottage?

*Detail alert*

The boat hull is hand-painted ribbon and the sails are Tyvek.  Full-size boat sails can be made with Tyvek, and I think it’s the first time I’ve used the same material as reality!  I shaded them with scraps of mesh from a fancy ribbon.  I also painted them but they only hold a little bit of colour.  I used acid-free glue and thread to hold the pieces down, depending on whether they were large enough to take a needle.


This strange picture is of Tyvek.  It’s from a FedEx envelope.  (I don’t use the parts with the lettering on, haha).  The piece on the left is full-thickness.  If you split it at the edge with your fingernails and pull it apart, you get pieces like the ones on the right.  Looks a bit ghosty doesn’t it?  The thickness is very uneven, but then you can choose as thin a piece as you need.

And that’s a small piece of ribbon at the bottom, with the mesh part in the middle that I placed on my Tyvek to reduce the white glare.

Fair winds and following seas to you all!



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  1. Anneliese Says:

    Despite all explanations your picture is a great and wonderful mystery for me!

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