3 x 4 inches, hand embroidery on hand-painted silk.  A mini-lighthouse enjoying its day off by the waters off British Columbia.

The background is built up slowly from scratch.  The faint purple at the horizon is actually mountains in the distance.  For the lighthouse I used a tiny strip of a Tyvek envelope, because white thread often reads as gray.


Even the simplest pictures have their secrets.  On this photo of the back, the colors look different because I don’t have white paper behind the silk. When I stitched the lighthouse cap and so on, I had to first secure my thread at the side, then secretly walk the thread behind the rocky part, make my lighthouse stitches, and “step in my own footprints” to take the thread back to the side to secure it.  Otherwise, if I went as the crow flies, you would clearly see the dark thread behind the sky.  I’m also a believer in securing thread well because the whole picture has to withstand being stretched.

I’m still working on a larger and slightly different version of this picture, so I’m starting to feel as if I’ve been away at sea for a while!








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  1. wendy Says:

    it’s beautiful! So realistic looking.

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